Being Eco-Friendly with Your Car’s Disposal

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There is a way to dispose old cars that is eco-friendly and more convenient than going through the hassles-off having the car hauled off to a landfill. VIC Metal Recyclers offers the following information on having your end of life car disposed off in an eco-friendly manner in Melbourne.

Going Green with Car Disposals in Melbourne

It’s not tough to pick up the phone and give VIC Metal Recyclers a call for online car disposals. Especially considering that when you call us, you won’t have the hassles associated with getting rid of your car. We are a car removal company in Melbourne that offers free car removals. So, where do the eco-friendly car disposals come into play? We are a car removal company that collects cars to recycle them. Our car recycling is considered “green” as we don’t pollute the environment with the hazards of a landfill. We also put cash payments into the hands of the car owners for having their cars recycled with us.

Selling Your Car to Us? Contact Us Now!

When you want to get your car sold, the easiest way to sell the car is to contact us. When we are your buyer, you avoid all the hassles and costs of getting your end of life car sold. After all, where else can you get:

  • Top cash for car disposals – We pay top cash to recycle cars of every make and condition. We pay cash on the spot for cars that we purchase to recycle.
  • Free car removals – There is no need to load up the car and bring it to us. We can come to your location today to remove the car for you. Just let us know when a convenient time is for you and we’ll be there!
  • Free paperwork – We provide the paperwork to buy your car.

When we are your car buyer, you have a car sale that is second to none. And, one that providesan eco-friendly disposal for your car, so you won’t be creating a poisonous atmosphere at its disposal.

Get Top Cash Today & Free Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

To get a quote from VIC Metal Recyclers, give us a call at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage for an online quote. We are your green car recycler in Melbourne paying top cash for cars. We will buy and remove your car today.
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